Bella The Princess Bunny

I am excited to announce our second pattern is now live for sale on Etsy as well as Ravelry and Ribblr. I have also submitted it to LoveCrafts. You can save 1/2 off no code needed on Ravelry till Monday. I came up with this design while I was making the Bella Bunny Lovey. My plan is to have different sets of a matching lovey with the toy. I also have this as a finished good on Etsy as well if you are not wanting to make it yourself, you can purchase the finished item. I can personalize with any colors you like as well.

Today when I was publishing on Ravelry, I noticed there are patterns called Bella Bunny so I thought about our youngest daughter Bella. She loves anything girly and being a princess. So the name came to me to call this one Bella The Princess Bunny. I now am thinking of going back and designing a princess crown or tiara and adding it to the pattern as well as the finished toy.

For now, I hope that you will enjoy the pattern as it is now. I used my favorite yarn to whip up this quick project. I used I Love This Yarn Solids White and Grape as well as I Love This Yarn Print in Sea Muse. I have always enjoyed making things in variegated yarn. Designing is letting me do that some more than I have been able to work with in the past.


I have to thank my tester Nadine Ahrens for testing my pattern and sending me beautiful pictures to add to the listings. I can't tell you how amazing and surreal it feels to know that what I came up with in my head start to finish that someone else has made with their hook and yarn. It is a pretty incredible feeling.

This original pattern by Creative Snugglies Designs by Christina Ryan is available for purchase at the following sites for $5. Today through the weekend you can save 50% by purchasing the pattern through Ravelry - NO Code needed.

If you would like to purchase the finished product instead of the pattern, here is the link to that listing.

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